Meet The Instructors


Trent Reid

4th Degree Black Belt in the Korean Martial Arts of Hapkido, Wonkido, and Wonkumdo.

I am a Greenville native, my family and I have been training together for the past several years.
With my years of experience and hands on training with Grandmaster Marshall Gagne of the United States Hapkido Association I have developed a great appreciation for the Korean Martial Arts. My goal as an instructor is to instill the principles and values of Martial Arts into children and adults in order for them to reach their full potential, not only in Martial Arts but also in life. 

Instructor Brenton Scales

3rd Degree Black Belt in the Korean Martial Arts of Hapkido, Hankido, and Hankumdo.

Instructor Scales is the head instructor for our After School Program.

He started out in our After School Program when he was ?? years old and has been training ever since.